Nichelare_lucioasaNickel plating

By corrosion we understand all degradation processes of metals under the action of chemical agents in the environment.

Corrosion is manifested by weight loss of metal objects and changes in mechanical properties (density, strength, elasticity).

Nickel protects against corrosion isolation. For this isolation to be as perfect as possible, our nickel plating process consists of three coats NI-CU-NI, according to ISO 9001:2008, SR EN ISO 14001:2004 and CHSAS 18001:2007 directives .

Nickel plating serves for decorative purposes, as well as anticorrosive. To get a mirror surface, shiny nickel requires special prior preparation of the surface before nickel plating.

What you should know before placing an order (these are the maximum part sizes) :

Boundary lines to steel parts for nickel, copper and chrome plating:

Length: 1000 mm, height 500 mm, width 150 mm on the frame; in the barrel 100 x 80 mm; Φ nickel, copper plating.

Steel parts are recommended to be light cold-rolled sheets, STL or cold–rolled sections/shapes, with no traces of oxides (rust).


To set a price for your order, we will request the following:
  • design of the steel part
  • nickel, copper or chrome layer thickness
  • salt fog test (if required)
  • other customer’s requests
  • number of products estimated for galvanization / month