Zincare-lucioasaWhy is the electrochemical zinc plating useful for metal parts made from carbon steel?

Carbon steel is an alloy containing ~0.05 – 0.10 % carbon and other mixed metals. Because of the chemical activity, in wet atmosphere, it changes quickly into iron rust. Shortly after the piece made from unprotected carbon steel it will turn to rust. In order to stop this , we have multiple choices. One of this choices is galvanization also known as electrochemical zinc plating. During this operation a layer of zinc having 5 – 12 micrometers thickness.

During this operation the zinc layer acts as a sacrifice anode, which means that the iron is exposed to oxygen, the moisture in the air and other corrosive gases, only after the zinc layer is depleted.

After our specialists apply the electrochemical zinc plating, the neutral salt spray resistance to red rust can grow to ~ 500 h.

The galvanizing process takes place based on the experience gained for over 15 years of activity an it’s certified by ISO 9001:2008, SR EN ISO 14001:2004 and CHSAS 18001:2007.

Our technical department always develops the optimal technology for the beneficiaries according to their requests.

Currently, our company performs galvanizing services, being a supplier for DACIA RENAULT, IKEA, ELECTRO SISTEM, IMARO.


What you should know before placing an order (these are the maximum part sizes) :

Boundary lines to steel parts for zinc plating:

  • Length 1000 mm,
  • Height 500 mm,
  • Width 150 mm for zinc plating on the frame;
  • Width 100 x 80 mm for a barrel;


Steel parts are recommended to be light cold-rolled sheets (or light cold-rolled profiles / structural shapes), with no traces of oxides (rust) if possible.


In order to set a price for your order, we will request the following:
  • the design / sketch of the steel part specifying the zinc coat thickness, surface appearance,plating color (we use only non-toxic plating solutions without hexavalent chrome)
  • salt fog test (if the case)
  • quantity / month